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Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


Hello friends, wherever you are. Well this time I will invite all of you to review a film that can be called an old school film because this film was released in 1997. This film is titled Life is Beautiful, starting with taking the background of Italian society life in 1939, when the war broke out. second world. This film is directed by Roberto Benigni who also doubles as the main character as Guido, an Italian citizen of Jewish descent. The story begins when Guido meets Dora accidentally when Dora falls and is caught by Guido in a haystack and then makes Guido fall in love.

Guido often does silly things while trying to get Dora’s attention. Every moment of his life was filled with fun, humor and laughter. It was clear how beautiful his life was, until he finally managed to marry his idol girl. Guido’s happiness increased when from this marriage he was blessed with a child named Giosue. Likewise in his career, over time he was able to open his own bookstore also played JOKER123 GAMING. After a few years, the three of them have always been filled with joy. Even when the Jews are always made fun of, Guido still tries to smile enjoying his life in beauty.

Europe was gripped by the fear of World War II at that time, especially against the aggressive German military power. Until the arrival of Nazi German troops brought all Italian citizens of Jewish blood which finally resulted in bringing Guido’s family and his uncle to a torture camp belonging to Nazi German troops. We know how the Nazis treated the descendants of the Jews in the camps. Men and women were separated, children and the elderly were slaughtered. Those who were healthy would be kept alive to work hard for the benefit of the German army. As a result Guido was separated from his wife, but luckily he was still able to save Giosue, his son!

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